Are you suffering with High Temperatures inside your building?

Who wants to live like that? With Comfort Group’s Liquid Thermal Insulated Seamless Roof Waterproofing you can be sure of your problems being only a distant memory. This system is an effective and economical alternative to tearing off your roof and starting over.

The CL Coating System is a four step system using CL Surface Cleaner, CL Crack Filler, Comfort Living primer and Thermal Proof Roof Waterproofing and Heat Reflective  top coat. Used together, this system allows you to fix leaks in your existing roof, instead of replacing it. 

In fact, Comfort Living roof waterproofing coating systems are sustainable indefinitely with minimal re-coats to upgrade the coating.


Roof Waterproofing and High Heat Reflective Top Coat

Thermalproof Roof Waterproofing and Heat Reflective Coating

The light colored coating of Thermalproof Roof Waterproofing and Heat Reflective Coating  reflects up to 84 percent of the sun’s energy from your roof, compared to only five percent reflectivity for typical dark-colored roofs. The System extends the life of your roof by shielding it form those harmful rays—less expansion and contraction, and thus fewer leaks.” The high reflectivity also lowers the temperature of your roof by as much as 30 or even 50 degrees, which means less money spent cooling your building! 

Thermalproof is one of the most advanced Roof  Waterproofing and Heat Reflective coatings .

Developed by Cordex Systems, a leader in its field, Thermalproof has outstanding features and will cope with even the most testing surfaces.

Let Comfort Group’s Waterproofing Contractors in South Africa guide and help you with the best Waterproofing and Heat Reflective Top Coat solution for your home.


Other Waterproofing Products provided by Comfort Group


A waterproofing sealant for use with membrane sealing cracks and joints on both metal and concrete surfaces, stopping water penetration.


Multipurpose waterproofing and sealing compound containing a high percentage of rubber latex.


A UV resistant acrylic rubberizing  compound for corrosion protection and moderate abrasion applications.


Fibre Reinforced Sealer


Reinforced Membrane 

Cementitious Latex

Waterproofing protection to concrete surfaces.