Why Gauteng Business Owners Choose To Waterproof Their Roofs

Several businesses throughout Gauteng have chosen to reap the rewards of waterproofing the roof of their business premises. Our waterproofing system is a four step system which uses CL Surface Cleaner, CL Crack Filler, Comfort Living Primer and finally Thermal Proof Roof Waterproofing and a heat reflective top coat. The products work together seamlessly to form a layer of protection over the roof so that there are no possibly leaky spots left over, spreading into the hard-to-reach places throughout the roof.

A waterproof spray coating comes with a myriad of added benefits:

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons as to why Gauteng business owners are choosing to ensure that their commercial building has a waterproof roof.

1. It Prolongs the Life of Your Roof

Waterproofing your roof also allows the roof to last longer as the waterproof coating doesn’t only protect the roof from leaks but also protects the roof against all of the weather elements, such as rainstorms, strong winds and intense heat which can damage your roof over the long-term if it is not protected. Our waterproof coating also keeps the colour of the roof from fading, ensuring that you no longer have to repaint the roof as often.

2. It Prevents Damage

Small leaks can go unnoticed until they create extensive damage. More so, some leaks aren’t visible because the water leaks into places that you can’t see, like the walls or ceiling. However, by the time you that these leaks are discovered, they may have caused enough damage to require expensive repairs and in severe cases, the roof may even need to be entirely replaced.

Additionally, a leak could not only damage your roof but also the valuable property and assets inside your commercial building. A waterproof roof could prevent expensive equipment like computers and printers or even important paperwork from being destroyed

3. It Saves You Money In The Long Term

By ensuring that your commercial building has a waterproof coating over the roof, you don’t have to keep paying for roof maintenance repairs. More so, the waterproof coatings reflect the sun, therefore a large percentage of heat is bounced away from your building. This keeps the building cool even on hot days, so that you don’t have to rely so heavily on air conditioning which can rack up an expensive electricity bill.

4. It Keeps Employees and Customers Happy

Comfort is a large concern in the workplace and if your commercial building isn’t as hot, everyone inside can stay comfortable. When employees are comfortable, they are more productive. In addition, when customers are comfortable, they are more likely to hang around, which will increase your business.

At Comfort Group , we specialise in water proofing and temperature control – increasing the comfort of your business or home. Get in touch with our dedicated team today to reap the benefits of waterproofing your roof today.